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It has been always the personality that attracts the most. However few people in my life hold that special place in my heart. Since the days when I was matured enough to explore Economics, I get attracted to most of the souls which are endorsed with intelligence in their veins. JOHN FORBES NASH was among one of them whose works terrifically suggest his deep understanding and exploration towards his subjects. He was significant in areas like Partial Differential Equations, Equilibrium tactics, Algebraic Geometry and many more. Being born late in 1928 in Bluefield West Virginia John Nash was very passionate about his ideas that often got clashed with his vision of realities.

“I did have strange ideas during certain periods of time”

The breakthrough that came to his existence was only after forty four years amid of his struggle with the disease schizophrenia when he was completely distanced from his companions as well as kit and kins. 1994 was the remarkable year when Nash bagged the NOBEL PRIZE in ECONOMICS along with JOHN HARSANYI AND REINHARD SELTEN for pioneering analysis of equilibria in the theory of NON COOPERATIVE GAMES. It was none other than the Game Theory which adds appreciation to his skills by almost all well furnished scholars. Cooperative and Non-Cooperative games being different in both its kind and matter don’t resemble each other. Back then the scholars held their views, as more or less they are interchangeable with little adjustment. Nash came out with the views that –“Distinction in any form lies already in the very fact when one tries to explore more and more of it”. His words and thoughts were of great anticipation and evoked as natural findings of space and time. What he states was that in case of non –cooperative games, enforceable agreements are possible; any cooperation that occurs is self-enforced. That is, for co-operation to occur it must be in each player’s interest to cooperate. Significant era got its way through the windows of thoughts of the mathematical genius where concepts like NASH EQUILIBRIUM, NASH BARGAINNING INTO view with much exploration and dedication.  Keeping in hand just an informal course in economics at CARNEGIE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (now CARNEGIE MELLON) as an undergraduate in the late 1940s, JOHN NASH was the first to introduce the economic application of game theory.

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In words of Carnegie Tech professor R.L DUFFIN-“He was a genius ever born with soberness within and ambition held high”. Nash’s theory of non cooperative games got recognition as one of  the most promising intellectual advances ever gifted to twentieth century. His ideas on game theory have caused its influence to grow so quickly that some claim, it is on a path to overwhelm much of economics itself. AT Princeton University, where he groomed his ideas, he makes a worthwhile contribution to serve as his legacy to the world of mathematics. The only lady to grasp his not so gathering attention was his student ALICIA with whom he settled down in his later life. Sharp conscience was his instinctive nature which propelled him to proved BROWWER’S FIXED POINT THEOREM along with RIEMANN’S most perplexing mathematical conundrums.

EVER was born the personality with such wide range of specialties engrossed within. He appeared as the iconic character in the book written by Sylvia Nasar based on which later director Ron Howard scripted his film THE BEAUTIFUL MIND in 2001. THE film beautifully captured the poignant tale of JOHN NASH and the aftermath twist and turns. RUSSELL CROWE being Mr. NASH and JENNIFER CONNELLY being ALICIA NASH portrayed the roles significantly welcoming appreciation worldwide. On 2002, PBS, produced a documentary about Nash titled “A BRILLIANT MADNESS” which tells the story of mathematical genies whose career was cut short by severe mental health problems.

Concluding my thoughts and emotions I feel if ever  I could have met him, if ever I could have ask my queries to him, if ever ...



This article is written by

Gitumani Talukadar 

Undergraduate student, Department of Economics. Cotton College, Guwahati-01


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