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A Tribute to John Forbes Nash Jr.

A Tribute to John Forbes Nash Jr.

We often get depressed and disturbed when it comes to health deterioration. Eventually it turns out to be a thick layer of dark space that we share with our heart. Things close to us fall apart. But never the less, the one who has the zeal to conquer the world despite of being trapped into the bucket of hurdles, is the one who deserve all the appreciation of the universe. It was back in 1928, a mind with such zeal and sheer academic brilliance was born. Bluefield, West Virginia, US had yet to foresee the future of a boy who tried his best to create magic into the world of mathematics with his inept mathematical analysis. He was named John Forbes Nash Jr, who literally wooed people every nook and corner of the world with his best strategic game theory analysis. Known for Nash Equilibrium, Nash Embedding theorem, Nash functions along with Nash Moser theorem, John Nash provided best insight into the mathematical world and also the tools which govern the events occurring in the complex system of daily life. Many a times his far reaching theorem are used in economics, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence etc. Though he was a man of certain audacity, his journey had never been smooth to travel. In 1959 he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was advised to keep in touch with a number of psychiatrists for helpful treatment. He suffered for over fifty years and it was in 1994,he received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (along with Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi) as a result of his game theory work as a Princeton graduate.
Playing with numbers and strategies he also had the quality of showing good sense of humor. Being asked about his love life, once he stated that, there were not many girls in MIT to look upon, so I chose Alicia, who later became his better half. It was his willful determination and never to give up attitude that later on became the basis for Sylvia Nasar's biography A BEAUTIFUL MIND. Today after 86 years, destiny provides the most unhappening news of the world. John Nash and his wife were killed in a very unfortunate automobile accident in New jersey. Last but not the least, the pillar of analysis that John Nash have founded can never be erased even if the destiny conspires to do so.
          We miss you John...
           You shall compliment mathematics always.

Written by
Gitumani Talukdar


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